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Dear Friends of West Valley Christian School,
This letter is the first official announcement and information for this year’s annual Warrior dinner and auction -Friday February 27th, 2015!  Mark your calendars now so you can eliminate possible conflicts on your schedule!  This year we are excited to announce that we will have the auction in our brand new multipurpose building on our own campus!
An estimated cost for educating an elementary student in the west valley is around $8,000.00 per year.  Currently, WVCS’ tuition is $5,900.00/yr.  We are able to keep our cost/student lower than the public school mainly because of the lower salaries of our teachers and administrators.  This is a great concern for us since scripture instructs us to ‘pay a workman worthy of his hire’ – I Timothy 5:18.  We are working on this but we also have to balance the cost of tuition with what our families can afford.  The end result of the above is that our short fall of our income versus expenses is around $200,000.00/year – hence fundraisers!
With our new location and increased interest in our school, we have great confidence that this deficit will gradually dissipate so we can use fundraising to improve our programs and make our school increasingly better!  The leadership team at WVCS (the board, staff, teachers and an ever-growing number of actively involved parent volunteers) firmly believes that all we do is “In His Strength & For His Glory,” and we remain steadfastly committed to providing quality, affordable Christian education to our West Valley families.
This annual capital campaign event provides a number of unique sponsor and donor opportunities that we’d like you to consider.  This could include an item around the house that is still in the package to donating a service or even a vehicle! WVCS will provide a tax-deductible receipt for all donations received with our nonprofit 501(c) (3) tax identification number included.
Your donation to this year’s event will keep WVCS on our path to continue providing Christian education to the families of the West Valley. Please complete the attached donor form today and return it by fax, email or dropping it off at the school office during normal office hours, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  We encourage you to include other members of your extended family, friends, business partners and neighbors to be part of this opportunity too!
If you have any questions about our auction or other ways you may offer assistance to West Valley Christian School, please contact me or any other office personnel at the school office by calling 623.234.2100.
Thank you again for your continued commitment to WVCS, we pray blessings on you!  Stay tuned for more exciting event updates, too!
Robert L. Byrd
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