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Dress Code



WVCS requires students to wear a uniform to school each day. School attire is designed with the students’ safety and comfort in mind. Careful consideration has been given to factors such as comfort, safety, modesty, and promoting a learning environment that minimizes distractions. The cooperation of students, parents, and teachers is necessary in maintaining the required school attire.  Parents are essential in order for WVCS to successfully uphold daily attire standards. Consistent accountability requires the school to correct school attire when needed. Even when teachers/administration quietly remind a child that they are not within the school attire standards, children often feel embarrassed and are impacted for the remainder of the day. Causing stress or anxiousness is not school’s desire or intent as we continually strive to maintain a positive learning environment. Parents can help to reduce these instances by understanding correct school attire and teaching it to their child. If a child does not wear school attire, administration may select one of the following methods to notify parents: a personal email, a face-to-face conversation, an automated email, a phone call, or note home.
While on campus for any school activities, students are required to be in school attire. Sport teams, PE, concerts and other events may have modified attire requirements. 


Outlining school attire requirements allows parents to purchase appropriate school apparel. It is the school’s desire to create a partnership between the home and school in order that each student wears appropriate school attire daily. This minimizes loss of instructional time.   
When students arrive to school, the principal will note student attire. If a student is not in school attire, the school will partner with parents to resolve the following situations: 




School Involvement

Parent Involvement

Inappropriate Jewelry

The student will be asked to remove the jewelry. The student may opt to keep the jewelry in their possession or sign it in to the front office for safe keeping.

WVCS will send a notice to parent informing them of the student’s choice of storage. This ensures safety of jewelry item.

WVCS asks parents to remind & support student in the wearing of appropriate jewelry to school.

Non-School Attire Clothing/Shoes

Initially, parents will be notified via email. After the first email notice, the student will be notified in a quiet, supportive way. If the same students continues wearing the same non-school attire, administration will work with the family to ensure their understanding and ability to provide appropriate school attire.

WVCS will contact parents via email upon the first incident.

WVCS will visit with the student personally upon the second incident.

WVCS will visit with parents as needed to help support the wearing of school attire.

WVCS asks parents to gauge student attire before coming to school. Parental oversight of student attire is most preferred method of monitoring school attire.

Wearing Hat/Cap Inside

The student will be asked to remove the hat while indoors. If the issue persists, the student may be asked to keep the hat/cap at home. Special exceptions may be made.

WVCS will allow the student to keep the hat. If the student persists, the hat/cap may be stored in the front office. If the front office stores the item, parents will be notified to ensured safety and understanding of hat’s location.

WVCS asks parents to keep hats at home if a child persists in wearing the hat indoors.

Inappropriate Hair Length or Style

Students will be required to change hair length and style. Parents will be contacted to make changes to the hair within three days..

WVCS will contact parents regarding the inappropriate hair style or length.

WVCS asks that parents cut and/or style their child’s hair within three days.

Concert Attire

The student’s music grade may be affected if the concert attire directions are disregarded.

WVCS will communicate and circulate the concert attire in a timely fashion in order that parents have time to plan for their child’s concert clothing.

WVCS asks parents to purchase concert attire based on the published concert attire. If a parent is not able to locate the required attire, the parents should communicate with the music teacher to develop a reasonable alternative.